Tom Neuenfeldt

Standing Committee for Financial Accountability (three-year term)

My life as a Swedenborgian began when I met my wife, BJ. She introduced me to the Detroit Church and Almont—I was hooked. I have learned that Swedenborgian theology is more than blind faith; it is a life of service and regeneration.

Most recently I served as vice president of the denomination. When BJ and I made the commitment to help our grandchildren with virtual learning, I realized that I could not fulfill my responsibilities as vice president at a level that I felt was needed. My brain and my daily schedule could not keep pace with both duties. I chose the children over the position. The children have now returned to in-person school. My brain is still somewhat suspect, but my schedule has opened back up.

I have also served on General Council and on the board of the Center for Swedenborgian Studies. I believe that my involvement in the denomination at the national level gives me the background and knowledge to review funding requests and budgeting requirements associated with the Standing Committee for Financial Accountability. This is an important committee, and I am honored to be nominated.

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