Kurt Fekete

Vice President (one-year term) & Standing Committee for Financial Accountability (three-year term)

I am pleased and honored to accept the nomination to the position of Vice President as well as the Standing Committee for Financial Accountability. I was raised in a Swedenborgian family and have been involved with the Swedenborgian Church for my entire life. I attended Sunday school at the Detroit Church which moved to Royal Oak, Michigan when I was a teenager. I was fascinated by Swedenborg, and my mother, Joyce, and I loved talking about theology when I was an adolescent. She took me to Almont Summer Camp every year where she taught the fourth and fifth grade class and sold penny candy after lunch as “The Candy Lady.” I loved Almont and when I became a teenager, I attended youth retreats. Like Swedenborg, although I loved studying religion, I also enjoyed the sciences and engineering. I graduated from Wayne State University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and worked as a bench chemist, department director, and quality engineer into my forties. However, all the while working as an engineer, I continued to love learning about Swedenborgian theology and being active in the Swedenborgian Church. I had an instrumental role in launching and leading the young adult group known as Transitions in the 1990s and early 2000s. I was also a board member of the Almont New Church Assembly and served as president for a partial term. My real passion was youth retreats, and I left my career in chemical engineering to become the Youth Director for the Swedenborgian Church of North America. Now in my twentieth year serving the youth of the Church, I still love working with teens and pre-teens at retreats and summer camps. The pandemic has made this work very challenging, not being able to gather in-person with youth. However, the crisis has also opened up the opportunity to assume a leadership role in the denomination as interim vice president. I assumed that position in autumn 2020 and I have enjoyed working with my colleagues on the forward vision and day-to-day decisions and activities of the Church. If elected to the vice president position in the coming year I look forward to continuing to provide a youthful perspective to the organization while honoring the heritage and foundational principles of our beloved faith community. I live in Maine with my fantastic wife, Shelley—who I met at a youth retreat—and our two teenage daughters.

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