Holly Bauer

Standing Committee for Communication & Information (unexpired two-year term)

After graduating from the University of Maine in 2016, I lived in Manhattan for four years working in marketing at a technology start-up. I moved back to my hometown of Portland, Maine, during the COVID-19 pandemic, doing marketing contract work for a business author. Travel is my greatest passion, so over the next few years I’d love to continue marketing contract work while living abroad. At the age of twelve, I attended my first Maine Youth League event, a sleepover in the Portland Church. I was an avid member of the Swedenborgian Church Youth League (SCYL) as a teen and served as the SCYL president in 2011. From 2012–2015 I worked as the co-rec director at Almont, and I have been volunteering with the SCYL at retreats for the past six years. I also helped run the childcare and teen programs at annual conventions in 2018 and 2019. Over the past fifteen years I have gotten so much out of my involvement in this church community. I have been serving on SCCI for the past year and would welcome the opportunity to continue to serve the organization in this role.

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