Attendee Information

Welcome to Convention 2021! We had all hoped this pandemic would be contained by now and we could meet in person for this summer’s convention.  However, we are not quite there yet so we are taking a swing at Covid-19 with our theme:
Convention 2021: Navigating the Rapids in the Stream of Providence

Our ministries have done an amazing job of responding to the turbulence and navigating with zoom, You Tube, Facebook. And staying in contact with one another with gifts of food, phone calls, and acts of service.  During Convention we will share what they are doing to keep afloat during this difficult time with pictures and comments.

So our hope is when this does pass we will be able to look back at Divine Providence and witness how the Lord has guided us through the rapids, lifted us out of the flood of uncertainty, and given us purpose and use to keep going and caring for one another.

Thanks for joining us this year,
Rev. Jane

The programming committee has put together a plethora of opportunities to worship, to learn, to share, to meet and greet!

  • Meet Virtually

    See old friends and meet new ones at the evening social gatherings and games and enjoy a flashback of past convention outings thanks to Herb Ziegler. 

  • National Locations

    Worship with ministerial leadership from the Massachusetts New Church Union, from Cambridge, Bridgewater, Newtonville, and Elmwood.

  • 8 Mini-Courses

    Learn from 8 Swedenborgian led mini-courses that range from “A Swedenborgian Theology of Social Justice” with Rev. Shada Sullivan to “The Lost History of the New Church in India: D. Gopaul Chetty and the Marriage of Swedenborg and Śaiva Siddhānta” with Eleanor Schnarr.

  • Keynote Speaker

    Meet our Keynote speaker from England, author and former rock star Gary Lachman sharing from his latest book Introducing  Swedenborg: Correspondences.

  • Online Choir

    Listen to our Zoom choir, compliments of Laurie Turley, and enjoy offerings from musically talented Swedenborgians around the continent.

  • Virtual Voting

    Try out our FIRST EVER VIRTUAL VOTING business meetings for delegates.

We hope you can join us! Register by June 15!

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you with this new platform we have put together several Frequently Asked Questions. If after reading it, you don’t see the answer to your question you can contact us using the help form. If you are having trouble during the program and need help right away, you can either call (toll free number) or use the chat to speak to one of our technical assistance volunteers.

First, you must register between May 15 – June 15 in order to participate in all of the activities being offered this year at Convention. Once you have registered, take the password that is emailed to you, go to the interactive Convention Schedule, and click “join.” You can join in at any time, excepting for the Mini Courses. We ask that you join at the scheduled start time for those.

No, this year is different. Instead we will be using Zoom to host many of the events. We have had the opportunity to learn and grow into a more virtual world this last year, and so we are taking advantage of all of our newly acquired skills to create a more interactive and community based experience. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any mistakes! But we hope that the experience will feel more like the Convention we all love. 

Many of us have had to be flexible with virtual programming and we recognize that we may need to contact all of the participants with information or changes. If that is the case we will email you to the email you provided, and we will ALSO update the front page of the Convention Registration website with any important information before, during, and after the event.

Both “meetings” and “webinars” will be hosted by the company Zoom but they are each a little different. “Zoom meetings” are probably what most of us think of when we think of Zoom. Everyone gathers together and you can all see each other on camera and you can talk and chat together. We love Zoom Meetings! That’s what we will be using for all of our Social Gatherings and Mini Courses during Convention. However, I’m sure you can see how it might get confusing if we have over 100 people in a room together.

That is when Zoom “Webinar” comes in. We will be using the “Webinar” to have our business meetings and to host our Keynote and other larger events. Think of a webinar as a presentation rather than a collaboration. When you join it will look like a Zoom meeting, however you won’t be able to see everyone who is there, just the people who are presenting. You will be able to submit questions, use the chat, and request to speak.

Yes. The Worship Services and the Keynote Speaker will be broadcast onto our Facebook page at and videos will be posted to YouTube afterwards. The Mini Courses, business meetings, and social gatherings will not be posted to Facebook or YouTube. 

If you are a delegate you will be using NemoVote to vote. It is a separate voting service and requires you to have a separate registration with their service. You will go to your account on NemoVote to make your choices and submit your votes. 

NemoVote Quick Guide

To log in:

  • Go to
    • Or Follow the link you received in your email
  • Type in your username (your email address) and password (included in the activation email)
  • Click “Login”

To vote:

  • NemoVote homepage should be the current votes available to you
    • If not, click “My Votes” in the upper left
  • Click the blue ballot box icon in the “Actions” column to open your ballot
  • Follow the screen prompts to make your voting selections
  • Votes CANNOT be redone so double check your selections carefully
  • Click “Submit Vote” and follow prompt instructions
  • Make sure you complete all the votes. There will be a second page of votes for elections.

Having Trouble? Here are some tips!

Website doesn’t work?

What is my username or password?

  • Locate the activation email from NemoVote
  • Your email address will work as your username as well
  • Password is randomly generated and in the activation email, UNLESS you have already logged in and reset it.

Can’t find the activation email?

Username and password don’t work?

  • Check for typos. Both are case sensitive and may have spaces.
  • Check if Caps Lock is on
  • Randomly generated passwords often contain similar characters like 1’s, i,s, and L’s. 
  • Copy and pasting works best 
  • Try a different web browser or device
  • If you reset your password manually, the emailed password will no longer be valid.
  • Use this form to request help

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot that we can do to directly improve your internet connection, but there are things that you can do at home to get the most out of the internet you already have. 

    1. If you can, try moving closer to your wireless router, plugging in directly to the modem is best!
    2. Try using a computer if you can, rather than a tablet or phone.
    3. Please turn off your video and close any programs that are running on your device at the same time
    4. Make sure that no one else is using the internet in your home. That includes watching TV with Netflix and using the wifi on your phone. The more devices that are connected to your network the slower it runs.
    5. If all else fails try closing your device/computer down, turn it off and then turn it back on again.